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Cosplay Contest

For those who would like to participate in the Cosplay Contest during FanFest 2024, please register in advance. 

All participants, as well as attendees, must adhere to the rules. 

Contest and Costume Rules: 

  1. Each contestant may only enter one costume into the competition. 
  2. Each contestant may enter as an individual or as a group. 
  3. Each contestant must declare how much of their costume was made by them – for contests under 12 they can be store-bought; for contests over 12, 50% of the costume must be made by you. 
  4. No explosive or other similar special effects are allowed; this includes weapons – real or prop. 
  5. No messy substances are allowed, or anything that will remain in the area after a cosplayer leaves (e.g., confetti, slime, etc.). 
  6. No profanity, political, or religious statements or signage. 
  7. All costumes must be family-friendly; this means no nudity or semblance of nudity. 
  8. For safety reasons, please wear footwear at all times; skates and rollerblades are not allowed. 
  9. Mock or play-fighting is not allowed in the hallways or in the building. 
  10. Large costumes must be no more than 2 feet in all directions, due to the blocking of traffic flow and other hazards. 
  11. Contestants will be judged according to craftsmanship, execution, accuracy, complexity, and creativity. 
  12. Have fun! 

If you have questions, please contact Emma Lupinacci, Youth Services Librarian.  

How was your costume made (please select all that apply):